Arriera Salsa 250g – La Costeña


La Costeña Arriera Salsa has the authentic traditional Mexican flavour and combines two of the most traditional ingredients in salsas: Tomatillos and De Arbol Chillies. Simply delicious.

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La Costeña Arriera Salsa 250g

Arriera Salsa from La Costeña. This salsa is made with de Arbol Chillies, tomatillo, onion and spices. Thanks to the De Arbol Chilli adds a big kick in the heat department while the tomatillo adds fantastic flavour. This sauce is great as a marinade or over dishes that need flavour and heat.



Tomatillo, Water, Onion, De Arbol Chilli Pepper, Iodized Salt, Condiments and Monosodium Glutamate

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250 gr


La Costeña




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