Green Mexican Salsa 475g – La Costeña


Green Mexican Salsa is a favourite from Mexico. Made with tomatillos and jalapeño peppers, brings all the flavour and mild heat that makes Mexican food so enjoyable.

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Green Mexican Salsa La Costena 475g

Green Mexican Salsa La Costena is a favourite in Mexico. Made with tomatillos or green tomatoes instead of red tomatoes. Tomatillos have a lovely tangy flavour that mixes perfectly well with jalapeño peppers, onion, coriander and spices. Green Mexican Salsa La Costena is big in flavour and medium heat. Delicious and ready to serve. Ideal over everything or on its own as a dip.



Tomatillo, Jalapeño Chilli Pepper, Onion, Iodized Salt, Coriander, Garlic and Monosodium Glutamate



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La Costeña




220 gr, 250 gr, 475 gr, 2.8 Kg


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