Mulato Chillies


Mulato chillies have an incredibly beautiful scent, fruity and smoky and with a moderate heat. Ideal when you need the flavour but less of the heat.

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Mulato Chillies

Mulato Chillies are dried Poblanos Chillies, and they the key ingredient to make Mole Poblano. They are left to ripen and dry on the plant, getting a natural lovely deep dark colour. The heat varies from mild to moderately hot and thick skin, its aromas are like dried fruit but remain an extravagant sweet chocolate notes mixed with hints of liquorice cherries. Together with Ancho and Pasilla chillies form the holy trinity of dried chillies in Mexican cuisine.

The Mulato and the Ancho Chillies are the dried version of two closed related Poblano Peppers.

Used mostly for moles or salsa borracha, ‘drunken salsa,’ a sauce that usually contains some form of alcohol and is served with Mexican barbecue fare.


Dried Mulato Chillies

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