Pasilla Chillies 1 Kg


Pasilla Chile is one of the most traditional of Mexican chillies. Full of flavour and none of the heat makes the Pasilla Chillies a staple of Mexican cuisine.


Pasilla Chillies 1 Kg

Pasilla Chillies come from Chilaca chillies. Used mostly in sauces, they have a mild to medium heat. They can be dried, toasted or rehydrated to bring most of their flavour to your dishes.

It is possible to mix Pasilla Chillies with a variety of ingredients to do sauces o ground to do Mexican – style rub, or also chop up the Pasilla chilli to stir fry



Dried Pasilla Chillies

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1 Kg


Dried Peppers, Dried Pasilla, Dried Spices


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