Piquin Chilli Powder


Piquin Chilli Powder is a very important ingredient used for the preparation of the most exquisite and authentic Mexican food. Now imported to the UK.

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Piquin Chilli Powder

Piquin Chilli Powder has  a flavour described as citrusy, smoky, and nutty. Piquin peppers are mainly used to flavour Hispanic, Asian, and Indian foods such a hot-pepper seasoning sauces, soups, stews and bean dishes. Our Piquin Chilli Powder is 100%  Piquin Chilli, no corn starch added. Piquin Chilli Powder is great sprinkled in soups, stews and perfect for stir-fries


Piquin Chilli Powder

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Piquin Pepper, Powder


100 gr, 1 Kg


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