White Hominy 3.1kg – Carey


White Hominy  is a white corn kernel that is mainly used to make pozole but it can be used to make many dishes such casseroles and different soups. It has a delicious flavour and a very low calorie count.



White hominy 3.1kg

White hominy is dried corn that has been boiled in water with lime. Then the kernels are often left to soak in the water between 1 to 24 hours depending on what you are preparing with it. This process is called Nixtamalization, where the kernels are rinsed thoroughly and rubbed together to remove the skins. For hominy, the little brown tips called “hulls” are picked off which allows the corn to expand when cooked. When the corn is softer, is ready to use in different dishes, regularly used for making pozole which is one of the most traditional dishes from Mexico. Pozole can be prepared red, green or white. The colour and flavour depends on the chillies used in the preparation (or lack of for the white version). Although pork is used in most traditional versions, there are a number of variations with chicken, beef or prawns as well.



White Corn, Water, Iodized Salt and 0.01% Bisulfite Sodium


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2.8 Kg, 830g




White Hominy


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